About CO

Counseling Online is about helping you experience more freedom. Why? So you will be free to serve and worship God, the very thing you were created to do!

How counseling resources can help you…
Have you ever heard the cliche “you can’t see the forest through the trees?” Well, sometimes it’s hard to figure out on your own whether you need to take that next step to call a Counselor.
That’s because we all grow accustomed to our personal view of reality…even when the trees all around us are falling down! The chaos and confusion begins to feel normal. It’s really hard to be objective about your own situation.

It’s sort of like….
That favorite pair of shoes you’ve been wearing for who knows how long. Imagine, that one day you’re walking by a mirror in the mall. You catch a glimpse of a pair of shoes walking by. You think to yourself, “Boy that person could use a new pair of shoes!” Then you realize, those are your shoes!
You got so use to seeing them everyday you didn’t notice how worn out they were…That is until you saw them from a different perspective!

Sometimes a person just needs a fresh perspective. A fresh perspective can be attained through information, education, prayer and meditation, or an objective person with a fresh outlook. With information, skills and growing in one’s faith often times people can figure out how to resolve their struggle or at least what do do next. Sometimes the best next step is to contact a friend, a rabbi, pastor or professional counselor.

Counseling Online provides many different resources to help you help yourself or a loved one by providing information, tools and professional counseling based resources.