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Biblical Counseling

Biblical CounselingHow does Biblical Counseling Work?

Much Bible based counseling is based on reflecting upon the nature and character of God as described in the Bible. Experience the transforming power of God’s word by experiencing what it means that YHVH “Keep in perfect peace those who’s minds are steadfast because they trust in you.” Isaiah 26:3

Have you been struggling with issues for longer than you care to admit? Learn to identify negative thought patterns that are crucial to how you feel, act and relate to others. Learning to replace negative, ungodly thoughts with God’s truth is one of the keys to behavior change…

As a person’s mind is transformed we are better able to serve and worship God in greater measure. God’s word tells us that serving and worshiping Him is what we were created for…it is our destiny!

Serving and worshiping God is the only thing that truly satisfies our souls. As our mind is transformed we are released from overwhelming anxiety, depression and hopelessness. Through the transformation of our minds we will experience more happiness, joy and satisfaction. That’s the goal of Biblical counseling.

Additionally, a Biblically oriented therapist will help you discover and understand more about your true purpose in life. Understanding the reason you were created, is crucial to your sense of life satisfaction. You may attend our Christian Church Virtual Worship if you want to discover and understand your true purpose in life.

Through counseling based on the Word of God, couples will learn to love and understand each other better. This understanding flows first from a knowledge of your Creator’s intentions for your marriage. Additionally, in counseling, you will learn to improve communication and resolve conflicts. It’s all part of the process of developing a great marriage.

The process of Biblical Counseling involves:

  • Education about the attributes of God, how God works in our lives, and what it means to be created in His image
  • Learning and applying new skills based on scriptures
  • Identifying and repenting of sin
  • Rejecting ungodly ways of thinking and behaving
  • Working through issues of woundedness and forgiveness
  • Learning to trust more in Him rather than others or ourselves

Licensed Christian Counselor Winston Salem

Dr. Rivest
1606 Briar Lake Circle (near Hanes Mall)
Winston-Salem, NC
Marriage Counseling

Christian Counselor Winston SalemDr. Rivest of St Matthew’s Institute for Healing and Intentional Growth welcomes you to Counseling Solutions

At Counseling Solutions we will work with our clients to formulate solutions to help you find hope, wisdom, and joy.

Individuals who seek counseling are just ordinary people much like yourself: parents, managers, retail workers, teachers, senior citizens, teenagers – even clergy and their spouses. The common denominator is that they have a problem like you that they have not been able to resolve on their own. A problem that is creating stress and stealing their ability to live meaningful and productive lives.

Doctor Rivest offers a safe, supportive environment where you will experience encouragement and compassion to motivate you to make positive changes.

Areas of expertise include:
Individual counseling for depression and anxiety, chronic stress, grief and loss , adult survivors of abuse, post-abortion counseling , anger management and relationship issues

Marriage counseling: premarriage counseling, marital problems, divorce and remarriage

Sexuality: Marital sexual enhancement, sexual identity issues, sexual dysfunction and addictions, cyber sex and pornography

With Doctor Rivest counseling is convenient. Your appointment will be scheduled within a few days of your call. Don’t wait, call today for help and take your first step toward renewed hope, wisdom, and joy.

Appointments are available during the day, evening and Saturday’s. VISA and MasterCard accepted. We look forward to hearing from you. Don’t wait, call for your appointment now.

Pastoral Counselor Kampala

Rev. Arthur Magezi
Kampala, Uganda.
Tel. +256 782 911817
701 555531
752 911817

Pastoral Counselor KampalaReverend Arthur Magezi is Director of Christ Transformation Ministries in Kampala, Uganda. CTM’s mission is to see whole communities transformed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through the transformative power of God’s Holy Spirit whole communities change their focus from satanic ancestral worship to worshiping the one and only true God who is worthy of all our praise.With a new Kingdom of God focus people begin to experience the power of God working in and through them in practical ways.

As a Christian ministry consultant, with a BA degree in Mass Communication and an MA degree in Christian Ministries Reverend Magezi teaches on many Christian topics. Additionally, he offers both pre-marital and marriage counseling to couples in need.

One of his specialties is in the area of sexual education and coaching. He has been teaching on the sensitive subject of sexual intimacy for a long time in several countries of Africa. After interacting with many couples and studying much in the area of sexual intimacy he has written a book on this subject titled “Temples Aflame”. This e-book is a free offer to all, in order to bless the body of Christ.

You can read more about Reverend Arthur Magezi and his work in Uganda as well as download his book for free at Christ Transformation Ministries.

FREE CHRISTIAN COUNSELING. You can also e-mail him at amagezi20 at or amagezi48 at


Christian Counselling Bundaberg

David Lawson, christian counseling
Bundaberg, Queensland
4152 7733
Finding The Light

All people at some time in their life need to talk with someone who will really listen to them, someone outside their family or social circle – someone objective who is “outside” the problem. We all need someone from time to time who will be non-judgmental, keep our confidence, and show us compassion, respect and understanding.

Formerly a farmer, David Lawson worked as a fully qualified Financial Counsellor in Bundaberg Queensland. Additionally, He is a qualified Generalist Counsellor. Currently David is completing a Graduate Certificate in Couples Counselling and is working towards a Master of Counselling.

As an ASIST Master Trainer, He often trains groups in suicide intervention skills. Having worked as an advocate for consumers and financial counsellors in the areas of banking, energy, and telecommunications he brings some unique skills to his counseling work.

One of the specialized services David offers his clients is conducting a complete Personality Profiles. Over several sessions David will show you how personality problem areas may be addressed effectively to improve work performance and relationships.

He also uses the Personality Profile in working with couples interested in premarital counseling. Over the course of three sessions he will discuss the couple’s strengths and help prepare them for the future.

To arrange a free and confidential 30 minute phone or face to face meeting to please call 4152 7733 or 0407 585 497 or email findingthelight @

Additionally, Finding the Light Counselling Service offers help in the following areas:

  • Depression
  • Emotional Crisis
  • Grief & Loss
  • Men’s Issues
  • Relationships
  • Debriefs for Professional Workers
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Harm and Suicide
  • Spiritual Abuse
  • Stress

Christian Depression Recovery Program

Nandi Herholdt
PO BOX 184
Narre Warren, VIC, 3805

Reason to Rise – Workbook for Women

A Christian Program in Depression Recovery

This Workbook provides Christian Women with comprehensive and practical information and activities that are grounded in biblical truth and science.

Participants in the Reason to Rise program said…

This program is manageable, clear, and do-able. Most importantly, it addressed the spiritual issues with grace allowing me to find peace. Reason to Rise gave my family back their mum and wife.

Everything you can possibly think of is covered in this program, but it is designed so you don’t get overwhelmed ..the understanding, the gentleness, the challenges makes you want to get better. Another great program is the one from Honey Lake Clinic which allows the individual to remain close to their faith while undergoing detox, counseling and other recovery programs.

The homework questions allowed for reflection and encouraged me to take ownership of my journey towards health by identifying all the areas I needed to focus on.

Psychologists who use this resource say…

Reason to Rise is a comprehensive recovery program that includes current neuropsychological understandings about depression as well as cognitive and behavioural strategies to assist clients to reengage with life and know that recovery is possible.

~ Kathryn Allison (Clinical and Counselling Psychologist) MAPS

Having used the Workbook in my practice, I believe Nandi has integrated the best of science, evidence based psychological practice and theology. This powerful resource is a ‘must have’ for any Christian Psychologist’s tool box.

~ Ruth Waterworth (Registered Psychologist) works in a Christian School and in Private Practice.

This valuable resource can be ordered from Reason to Rise