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David Lawson, christian counseling
Bundaberg, Queensland
4152 7733
Finding The Light

All people at some time in their life need to talk with someone who will really listen to them, someone outside their family or social circle – someone objective who is “outside” the problem. We all need someone from time to time who will be non-judgmental, keep our confidence, and show us compassion, respect and understanding.

Formerly a farmer, David Lawson worked as a fully qualified Financial Counsellor in Bundaberg Queensland. Additionally, He is a qualified Generalist Counsellor. Currently David is completing a Graduate Certificate in Couples Counselling and is working towards a Master of Counselling.

As an ASIST Master Trainer, He often trains groups in suicide intervention skills. Having worked as an advocate for consumers and financial counsellors in the areas of banking, energy, and telecommunications he brings some unique skills to his counseling work.

One of the specialized services David offers his clients is conducting a complete Personality Profiles. Over several sessions David will show you how personality problem areas may be addressed effectively to improve work performance and relationships.

He also uses the Personality Profile in working with couples interested in premarital counseling. Over the course of three sessions he will discuss the couple’s strengths and help prepare them for the future.

To arrange a free and confidential 30 minute phone or face to face meeting to please call 4152 7733 or 0407 585 497 or email findingthelight @

Additionally, Finding the Light Counselling Service offers help in the following areas:

  • Depression
  • Emotional Crisis
  • Grief & Loss
  • Men’s Issues
  • Relationships
  • Debriefs for Professional Workers
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Harm and Suicide
  • Spiritual Abuse
  • Stress

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  1. Sabrina

    Morning things have not been going on well in my life and spiritual life.With the members of my family we lack communication sometimes i feel like being in my own corner i am just tired of all this stress.There moments i feel as though God is far from me id like to gain back that trust and faith in him.I hope for a bright future that’s ahead of me.Hope to hear from you and i hope i can overcome the problems i face i have quite a lot to say but i have just typed some in brief.


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