Recognizing the Symptoms of Depression

Symptom of Depression

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Depression, like most mental illness runs the continuum of severity. It can be mild or major. It can last from weeks to months and it can involve anxiety symptoms as well. Some of the symptoms of depression are…

  • Sadness and/or loss of pleasure in nearly all activities.
  • Pervasive feelings of hopelessness
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Changes in psychomotor activity (includes both mental and physical responsiveness and/or activity).
  • Struggles with feelings of low self worth
  • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions.

In children and adolescents a symptom of depression is often irritability rather than sadness. Also, some people may deny having feelings of sadness and rather report that they have no feelings at all. Another symptom of depression is feeling numb…Knowing the symptoms however is not enough…

How do you get depression help?

First of all, never try to diagnose yourself or someone else...if you recognize that you or a loved one has symptoms of an emotional or mental problem get a professional diagnosis from someone who can help you. And if you know someone who is abusing drugs to cope with their depression, you can help them get treatment at a Spokane suboxone clinic.

Next, to determine what kind of depression help you or your loved one needs, it’s important to look at how severely the person’s functioning has been affected. If the level of functioning has been significantly impaired, i.e. they are having difficulty performing their daily routine, seek professional help immediately. If you need depression help and you’re not sure who to contact, click here for a Christian Counselor in your area….

A trip to the family doctor to confirm the symptoms of depression and to rule out any medical conditions contributing to the depression is a good place to start. Also, since stress can bring on depression and other emotional problems, take inventory of any significant life changes that have occurred over the last 6 months. Look at changes in circumstances, relationships, health, finances etc. Stressors can be exacerbate a symptom of depression…

What if the person is suicidal?

Since a primary symptom of depression is feelings of hopelessness, thoughts of wanting to die are not uncommon. However, a plan or intent to harm oneself is very different than fleeting thoughts of wanting to be dead. If you or your loved one indicates they have a plan or strong intentions to harm themselves, take action immediately! If they’re turning to alcohol to self-medicate, Pacific Ridge offers alcohol addiction treatment.

Call a mental health professional that you have been referred to by a reliable source, check your phone book for community mental health services, or call a suicide prevention hotline. In Brevard County, Florida that number is 211 or 321-632-6688. Also, Circles of Care in Melbourne provides emergency services and evaluations. Their number is 722-5257. If the threat is imminent, call 911.

If talking to someone right now would be helpful and you live in the United States phone 1-800-suicide (1-800-784-2433).

If you live in another country, click here for help.

Get Depression Help

If you or a loved one is experiencing the symptoms of depression mentioned above please seek help. Don’t wait until your level of functioning is severely impaired. Get depression treatment now! One of the biggest reasons people do not seek help is because of the shame they feel concerning the idea of having a mental illness. The reality is that our minds are vulnerable to illness just like our bodies. There is no shame in developing the flu or some other medical condition, so why is there with the mind?

Those who avoid seeking help because of the shame they feel only languish longer like the cripple at the pool of Bethesda. He needed help, but he was unwilling to accept any personal responsibility for helping himself. Sometimes you may not need to get admitted to a mental facility to treat your depression. Treatment such as Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy is proven safe and effective for people with depression. Many people use the best cbd oil for anxiety and depression as a natural alternative for pharmaceutical medication.

How Counseling Can Help

A counselor can help a person gain perspective about their illness, resolve problems that may be contributing to the depression and assist the person in developing coping skills to manage the symptoms of depression.

However, in addition to counseling, medication may also be a treatment option. You can discuss this with your counselor, who can then refer you to a psychiatrist who is a professional practitioner of psychiatry to prescribe and manage the necessary medication. Medication can have a significant effect on lessening the symptoms of depression.

Relief is available for difficulties that plague our minds. It is truly the wise that seek out the help, wisdom and counsel of those whom God has equipped to facilitate the healing of the mind. For help in locating a counselor near you click here.

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    Am getting married in 6months and my partner open up to me that his ex girl friend is pregnant for him but he want to go ahead and marry me. am confuse and am afraid of what might happen in the future

    1. Jean L Post author

      Laura, Please contact a local counselor or trusted friend/family member in your area who can walk with you through this dilemma.


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