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C. Samuel Verghese, MD (AM), M.A., Ph.D., BCIA-EEG, DAPA, AAPM, AACC, is a Pastoral Counselor and Nutritionist from India.

Dr. Verghese holds an M.D. (AM) degree in Alternative Medicine from India. In the United States, nutritionists are not regulated by any governing body neither does the state of New Jersey have a licensing board for Alternative Medicine. Dr. Verghese received his M.A. in Human Services: Marriage and Family from Liberty University.  He received his Ph.D. from the Cambridge Graduate School System in India. He is also an ordained minister.

Dr. Verghese is a Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association. He is certified by the American Academy of Pain Management. He is a Senior Fellow of the American Association of Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, and he is licensed in Massage, and Somatic Therapy (LMT) in the state of New Jersey.

He specializes in a wide variety of conditions, some of which include: ADD/ADHD, POTS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic brainpowerMigraines or headaches, Insomnia, Anxiety, OCD, Stress Management, Depression, Chronic Pain, Bi-polar I & II, Addictions, and so much more!

Dr. Verghese has traveled extensively to many tropical rainforests and deserts of the world in search of botanical medicine to treat his patients’ various ailments. He does volunteer Christian Medical Missionary services abroad with Global Wellness Ministries where they conduct medical camps, provide education and training, food, shelter, and clothing, care for orphans, as well as helping to stop human trafficking.  During his mission’s trips, he establishes Christian churches and institutions; he brings many people to the Lord and baptizes them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

His latest book is “BRAIN POWER: How to Fine-Tune Your Brain Naturally” (2007).

Marriage Conflict: Getting the to the Root of the Problem

marriage conflictMarriage Conflict Opportunities for Intimacy

“We are too quick to resent and feel what we suffer from others, but fail to consider how much others suffer from us. Whoever considers his own defects fully and honestly will find no reason to judge others harshly.” Thomas a Kempis, The Imitation of Christ.

Have you ever considered what caused you to fall in love, only to find yourself in more conflict than you could ever have imagined? I have known couples that have been married for 40+ years and the overwhelming majority of that time they have spent in conflict, either unable or unwilling to end the crazy cycle. Continue reading

Common Marriage Problems Require a Plan

couple-in-waterOne way Common marriage problems can be overcome is with marriage counseling. Dealing with specific problems is one way to help your marriage. But more importantly is understanding God’s plan and purpose for marriage.

To overcome the most common problems in marriage you must understand God’s plan and reason for saving marriages. This understanding is paramount to having the GREATEST marriage of all. Continue reading

Godly Marriage Advice for a Godly Marriage

godly-marriageSo you say “I want a godly marriage, but how?”

The answer is two fold. First, chose to be concerned about the same things God is concerned about. Second, learn to utilize God’s strategy for making your marriage what He wants it to be.

First Piece of Godly Marriage Advice: Focus your attention on the things God is concerned with in your marriage.

God’s highest priority is His glory. Because God is concerned with His glory, He is always concerned with conforming His children to be more like His Son Jesus (Romans 8:29).

God’s number one priority needs to be your number one priority.

The more we act like, think like, relate like Jesus, the more glory God gets. God is in the glory business. His modus operandi is to glorify Himself. So what should we be concerned about? Our number one priority needs to be whether we are bringing God glory in our marriage relationship. Notice I didn’t say, the number one priority should be whether your spouse is bringing God glory.

Glory shines out of the heart and is always seen and recognized by God.

So bringing glory to God has everything to do with thinking godly thoughts and behaving in godly ways.

But you say, “glory to God, how can I even think about bringing glory to God when I have a self-centered spouse who complains all the time, is critical, doesn’t love me or understand me, and that makes me miserable, angry, depressed, frustrated etc.” Good question! That’s where your understanding God’s strategy is critical.

Second Piece of Godly Marriage Advice: You must understand God’s strategy for bring glory to His Name

God’s strategy is to use the difficulties in our lives to chisel the likeness of Jesus out of the hardness of our hearts. He does it by bringing two people together who are most likely going to have the greatest impact on each other in this way. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpen another.”

We tend to think, “this is not the person I married. He or she hardly bears any resemblance to the person I married.” Again this is part of God’s design and the fall. Prior to marriage two people are not “one flesh.” Generally speaking there is a veil over our eyes during the dating period. That veil is not torn away until we become one flesh. That is why sometime after we get married, we start seeing our spouse differently. As our lives settle into a routine and we are not giving each other the kind of undivided attention and consideration that often happens during courtship, when we stop being the center of our loved one’s universe our perception of them also begins to change.

Third Piece of Godly Marriage Advice: Change your perception change your marriage

Our perception is the lens of beliefs through which we understand and interpret actions and interactions with other people. David cried out to God “Give me a pure heart.” Likewise we would do well to ask God for the same thing. Our beliefs are hidden deep within our heart and they act like a lens through which the events in our life are understood …accurately or inaccurately.

Our perceptions are largely shaped by our early experiences: especially messages about ourselves communicated to us by significant others in our lives like parents, teachers, caretakers, siblings etc. The other factors that influence our perception (aka, “the eyes of our heart”) is the fall. We are created with sinful, prideful, selfish hearts.

Many of the problems we have in marriage are actually the result of projecting our own cognitive distortions and unfinished business onto our spouse. This often results in misreading our spouse’s motives and making negative assumptions about their thoughts or intentions. When this happens it’s natural to begin to feel that our spouse is not on our side.

Tear Down Every Stronghold

So the third piece of godly marriage advice is understand that God’s strategy is to tear down every stronghold, every misconception and every cognitive distortion in our minds — He tells us in His word that we are to take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5 and that we are to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. This process of sanctification happens as we wash our minds with the water of the Word and the Holy Spirit applies it to our hearts.


How to Have a Godly Marriage

How to Have a Godly MarriageMany Christian couples are struggling with attaining what they consider to be a godly marriage. I often hear from couples that they did everything right before they got married so they are quite confused about why their marriage is so difficult and what they can do about it. God created marriage first and foremost as a reflection of His love for His people, and this ultimately is the simple solution to the problem…love one another as Christ has loved you. (John 13:34)

First, we will address the 2 most important reasons why having a godly marriage is difficult. Then we will address the solutions.

Okay, so why is this so hard

Well, you might be saying, that sounds lovely, but my marriage is far from being the Garden of Eden. In fact, you might be thinking, “all my wife does is complain about how I don’t live up to her standards” or “My husband doesn’t give me the time of day let alone the love and attention you’re talking about.”

You may feel your spouse just doesn’t understand you or what you need. You may often think “If only He/she would listen to me and change, our marriage would be so much better.” You may feel like you’re going insane and rather than fight it any longer you have just decided to do your own thing.

Problem #1 is that we are all fallen creatures

Although we were created in the image of God, that image has been marred beyond recognition in some cases. God is in the process of restoring that image like an artist slowly and methodically. Though our natural inclinations since the fall are those of selfishness, self centeredness, pride and blame…

Our Creator, with his brush in hand is restoring the image of a darkened and discolored masterpiece. (Consider this: it took a team of artists 20 years to completely restore the ceiling of the Sistine chapel!). You may be thinking “You’re right, my spouse is a REAL WORK OF ART!” Sarcasm aside, the truth is you and your spouse are God’s masterpieces that will not be completely restored on this side of heaven.

Problem #2 is the image of God in us has been further disfigured

by the sinful actions of other fallen human beings who have wounded us in one way or another. A wound is anything that has damaged our sense of person-hood, violated our boundaries, broken our trust, or failed to give love and nurture during a critical time. Without Christ, most soul wounds will result in more selfish and sinful behavior.

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