Christian Counselor Lebanon & Flemington, N.J.

Debra Pirozzoli, MS Christian Counselor
Lebanon & Flemington, N.J.

Welcome to the Christian Counseling Centers of N.J. I have been serving the community with Biblical counseling for over 20 years. I am dedicated to working with those who suffer as a result of addiction, abuse and who are in need of family systems, and marriage counseling and salvation.

I have been equipped to help those who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling and many other idols that take the place of the living Christ who transforms lives. I am dedicated to helping the individual discover and grow as they uncover the desires of their hearts and define their needs.

The model that I use is based on “Character Building”. I encourage the individual as I model and teach about the character of Christ. I invite and teach the broken heart to heal as needs are met by Christ, and the community.

My goal is to help the individual grow in the strength of the Lord to become a productive part of family, and the Christian community as he/she then serves for the purpose of furthering the Kingdom of Christ.

For those who require medication I refer out to Dr. Polizzi who is an elder at our local sponsoring Church. He is equipped to help, using prayer and his medical background in discerning the need for medication.

I am passionate and have had success in helping the homosexual who desires to seek God and recover from pain, the sexually abused who have functioned out of criteria of fear and devastation, along with those who are broken because of addiction/idol worship.

I have a heart for those who are in need. It is my mission to convey that there is hope for all those who have suffered from crises experiences, abortion, addiction, abuse, sexual abuse, rape, post traumatic stress, along with family and marriage issues, and divorce.

Lastly, I am at all times aware of the need for salvation. My hope is that all who come here would come to know the Lord. And for those who do know Him, my hope is that I may help them see more of who He is.For, I can do no good thing on my own. I give all the credit to Jesus my Lord.

There is hope and help for the hopeless.

We have 2 offices in Hunterdon County, N.J. Our services include addiction, abuse & family counseling. We offer individual and group therapy for adults and children. Please call 908-642-7238 and ask for Debra.

“He who began a good work will finish it” Philippians 1:6

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