Christian Sex Therapist Columbia, SC

Acorns n Bones
Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor
Advanced Board Certified Sex Therapist
803-469-4363 (private answering service available)

Who are we?
Christian Sex Therapist Columbia SCWe are a community outreach counseling ministry, focusing on edification and education of Christian and non-Christian community members through the saving grace, witness, and salvation of Jesus Christ. We integrate within a Christian world view psychoanalytic counseling modalities to facilitate healing and restoration of relationships.

Almost ALL psychological disorders are a result of intimacy issues, affecting not only the people who suffer, but the family, community, and society. At Acorns n Bones, we take the approach that treating the cause of disorders, when exposed, is MORE EFFECTIVE than treating a symptom through a Band-Aid approach.

Dr. Tia D. Buchanan, earned an A.A.S. Criminal Justice, a B.A. Theology, an M.A. Christian Counseling, and her PhD. in Christian Education; in addition to a undergoing second Master’s degree with Liberty University as an LPC.

Dr. Buchanan is a National Christian Counselors Association Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, and Advanced Board Certified Sexual Therapist. She holds a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, and applies Six-Sigma methodologies of problem solving within counseling.

We provide the community with: MOG (Ministers of God) Accountability Support Group; ABANON (Sexual Addictions Support Group); ABANON SR(Support group for spouses of sexual addicts); MM&M’s (Military Ministry Mentors Puppetry Team); Abstinence Advocacy Awareness Workshops for teens; marriage workshops; and individual, family, or couples counseling psycho therapeutic services focusing on relationship issues, or problems directly related to relationship difficulties, and Crisis Counseling. ADD/ADHD issues with adults/children, Military combat trauma/crisis, and also provide group therapy programs for Anger Management, Couples, Infertility, Premarital Programs.

Our Specialty Advanced Board Certified areas provide counseling issues within:
Marriage/Couples counseling: family issues, intimacy issues
Sexual dysfunctions, men/women
Abortion Recovery Healing
Planned/Unplanned Pregnancy crisis, family planning
Infertility Issues
Women’s Health Issues including sexual dysfunctions
Men’s Health Issues including sexual dysfunctions
Sexual addictions (prostitution, sexual promiscuity combined with substance abuse)
Sexual Identity Crisis/ Sexual Preferences Issues, Gender crisis

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