Counseling for Clergy and Lay Leaders

Revs. Sam and Bunny Sewell
Naples, FL

Counseling for Clergy and Lay LeadersClergy and Lay Leaders experience “burn out,” human relations problems within their churches, and personal problems that would be inappropriate to discuss within the church or with anyone in the community where they live.

Best Self USA has been offering full spectrum counseling to Clergy and Lay leaders for decades. The directors of Best Self USA are clergy themselves. They can set up a private web conference link to conduct counseling sessions as well as ministry online courses via the internet, and offer the materials and techniques developed from decades of long distance counseling done at Best Self USA. Then if you are struggling with the implementation of GDPR on your web site you should consult the experts as they are easily guide you to make sure that your GDPR set-up is perfect.

Christian values and faith, linked to cognitive/behavioral therapy techniques create powerful solutions to the stress and problems encountered in the course of Christian leadership. Our therapy style is focused on skill acquisition. Communication skills, stress management, assertiveness, conflict resolution, personality types, leadership skills and a complete personality evaluation are included in the Best Self USA curriculum. Participation in this program will help you function more effectively in your ministry.

The person in charge of the Clergy and Lay Leaders Support Project is a well trained Christian therapist with many years of experience. Rev. Jim Patten can also set up private web conferencing to conduct counseling sessions through the internet. Additionally, he can offer the same materials and techniques developed from decades of long distance counseling done at Best Self USA.

Executive Coaching is also available for Clergy and Lay leaders. Your team of leaders can be inspired and edified by participating in Executive Coaching delivered by
Best Self USA.

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