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Writing a client progress note is one of the tools good counselor’s use to help them, help their clients. As a counselor, you know the value of processing your thoughts about client sessions through writing your clinical notes. Whether you use SOAP notes, DAP or some other format writing a good clinical note begins with a great form…

The Progress Note Tool Kit contains …

  • Templates suitable for use with adults or children
  • Conventional templates for handwriting notes
  • Automated templates for typing notes
  • 3 bonus templates
  • Templates in both PDF and Microsoft Word
  • A total of 11 17 templates for $19.97

Professional Progress Notes Tool Kit Available Immediately

All the forms in the Tool Kit are created in Microsoft Word and are Windows and Macintosh compatible. And, you can easily personalize them. Just double click on the header to add your own name, credentials, address, and contact information.

These template forms will help you collect subjective and objective data, assess your client’s progress, write a plan of action and more.

Don’t have Microsoft Word – Not technically Savvy?

No problem, if you simply need basic forms without your letterhead or can use your personal STAMP to add your name and credentials then this kit will also work perfectly for you. Just print the forms and use.

These 11 17 forms can be down loaded immediately for $19.97

Progress Note – This is the original template I developed for myself, after years of modifying clinical note forms. The original form includes check boxes and spaces for documenting…

  • Mental health status
  • Tracking progress
  • Standard CPT billing codes for services rendered
  • Appointment time
  • Payments or insurance billing

Additionally, there are spaces and prompts for recording….

  • Risk assessment
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Client response
  • Homework
  • And more

When you have your own templates, you never have to worry about running out of forms, or having to make copies of copies – you know what those look like- unprofessional.

Progress Note A – An automated version of the original note above which allows you to type your clinical notes on your computer and print out. Each note will look professional and be easy to read. If you’re like me, this means you never have to worry about trying to decipher your own handwriting again!

Progress Note Conjoint – This template includes all the information on the original note above, but it supplies 2 columns of check boxes to document the mental health status of both clients you are working with.

Progress Note Conjoint A – this is the automated version of the Conjoint template form allowing you to create notes on your computer.

SOAP Notes – This SOAP note is specifically designed using SOAP format. This note includes all the same check boxes for CPT codes, assessing progress, mental health status, etc. as the original Note, but with specific reminders to write in your Subjective data, Objective data, Assessment and Plan.

SOAP Notes A – This is the automated version of the SOAP style form described above.

Conjoint SOAP Notes – Templates for both the automated and conventional SOAP notes are provided in conjoint format as described above.

Click to view a copy of the SOAP Note
Click to view an sample of the Progress Note

Download the Progress Note Tool Kit for $19.97 by clicking below:

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Bonus Tools
Add value to Your Counseling Services with this Bonus Tool

BONUS #1 – Client Progress Note – This form is for your client. You know how valuable it is to take time to process each session in writing. Now there is a form to help your client assess their own emotional, cognitive and behavioral status after each session. This can be used as a helpful journaling tool as well.

The value of this bonus form alone is worth the cost of the entire Tool Kit.

I’ll never forget the day I introduced this tool to one client imparticular. I could see the impact it was making on her immediately. (By the way, I keep those forms on a clip board in my office. Once my clients get use to using them, they will remind me when I run out. That’s a good sign that they are adding value!) This form helps clients to take personal responsibility for their progress. And isn’t that what you want for your clients?

Help Clients Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Getting back to the story… as we began to work through each heading on the client note, her eyes brightened. When she began filling in the blanks, she obviously began to grasp what the counseling process was all about. She also began to grasp what was expected from her. I could see the wheels begin to turn: a smile came over her face as she said, “Now I get it.”

To download your Progress NoteTool Kit, along with the
bonus form click below:

(Important: Your product will be delivered to you through a secure download page. You will also receive an email directing you to the download page.)

Buy Now BlueOh, I almost forgot, I also included a 2nd BONUS – a Child’s Progress Note form with the bonus tools. This form is very similar to the note for client’s described above, but in a child friendly font and format.

Oh, and one last thing, did I mention that I am including a 3rd BONUS – an automated version of the Client Progress note (that makes 11 17 forms for $19.97) in case your clients prefer to process their session using a keyboard instead of pen and paper. Just email them the form in an attachment. That way they can easily email you the form or print out a copy of their own note for you as well. How easy is that!

This client form has many helpful features to add value to your work with clients…

  • Questions to help clients develop critical thinking skills
  • The format helps you to apply positive structure to your sessions
  • Helps clients get the most out of their therapy with you
  • Prompts for your client to write important information discussed in session
  • Including specific insights and applications

But that’s not all….

You know how important it is for clients to get in touch with their feelings. This tool has a section that will help your client assess their own emotional and cognitive state during the session.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, using this tool will help your clients to be more accountable. This form supplies a place to record…

  • Homework assignments
  • Insights gained from homework assignments
  • Even a prompt to contemplate reasons for not doing assignments

You know personal accountability is key to achieving goals!

Make life a little easier for you and your clients and download your
Progress Note Tool Kit with bonus forms right now
(11 17 templates in all for $19.97) by clicking below:

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As always, the Tool Kit comes with a 30 day, no questions asked,
money back guarantee.

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