Biblical Counselor Tallahassee

Marlene Baggs-Hoenig, Biblical Counselor and Life Coach
Tallahassee, Florida
Havana, Florida

Biblical Counselor TallahasseeLife happens. Sometimes we have difficulty responding to ‘what happened’. It is not what happened but how we respond to what happened that makes all of the difference. My practice will teach individuals to be their own therapists in how they process life events and world view.

Depression, anxiety, broken relationships and confusion can all be signs that clients need someone to walk them through difficult parts of their life’s journey utilizing clinical means. Christian Counseling is my specialty.

Through a combination of cognitive behavioral, Restart Brain Retraining, Cinderella Released Joy Recovery, Freedom in Christ Sessions (Dr. Neil Anderson’s Material), and insight-oriented therapies we will search beyond the surface level for causative themes and factors that can be changed through changes in behavior.

For those clients who desire to address issues of faith, I am equipped to be of assistance by applying a spiritual orientation in addition to traditional cognitive and rational emotive therapy. I will utilize some of the latest assessment tools to enhance the treatment process.

My area of special interest and experience is working with individuals experiencing depression, victims of violence and trauma and broken relationships. I perform individual, family therapy and work with women who have been in domestic violence, human trafficking, divorce, trauma, homelessness and substance abuse.

I have been actively involved in counseling individuals, young adults for over 23 years.

Education and Experience
Currently completing Bachelor of Religion, Christian Counseling at Liberty University

Trained in Elijah House, Inner Healing, Freedom in Christ, Restart Recovery, Christian 12 Step, Cinderella Released Joy Recovery, SOZO.

I have served as a pastoral prayer counselor, evangelist, women’s minister, as well as current house manager and spiritual advisor for Chelsea House a women’s transitional home for homeless women and children.

I currently am training as a trainer and counselor for women who are victims of Human Trafficking and have written curriculum and taught both in adult and juvenile prison and detention centers, churches, missions, community outreaches and women’s groups.

I have also been the group counselor for women experiencing anger management and substance abuse issues.

Average Cost per Session: $40-100
Sliding Scale: Yes
Accepting Insurance: No
Accepting Donation: Yes

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