Pastoral Counselor Huntsville, Alabama

Cindy Neeley, Pastoral Counselor
Huntsville, Alabama
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Pastoral Counselor Huntsville AlabamaCindy Neeley is a pastoral counselor, life coach and founder of Woodland House of Mercy since 1994.

Originally from Woodland, California, Cindy moved to Huntsville, Alabama in 1999. Cindy completed an internship program with the Elijah House Prayer Counseling Center. She is a licensed minister and holds a Bachelor of Theology degree. She is also certified from NADA as an ADS (Auricular Detox Specialist), and a Rapid Eye Technician. She headed the counseling department at Impact Ministries in Huntsville, Alabama for 4 years.

Cindy counsels from a basis of Biblical principles, but successfully reaches people from a wide variety of belief backgrounds through her ability to reach into the heart. All of Cindy’s work is directed toward facilitating a greater experience and understanding of the love of God.

Her “Life Mastery Experience” workshops and seminars as well as her personal counseling are all focused on bringing a person back into the place of choice and empowerment for which God created us. Her approach to resolving the issues of life are both Bible-principled and practical as she brings a fresh look at every situation to reveal the options that are so often hidden beneath the surface of the circumstances and emotions surrounding them.

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Cindy Neeley
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