Christian Counselor Land O Lakes

Linda Hedstrom, LCSW
3632 Land O Lakes Blvd, Suite 106
Land O Lakes, Florida 34639

(813) 943-6335

Linda Hedstrom, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Florida. She is the owner and operator of Therapeutic Counseling Services located in Land O Lakes, Florida.

Born and raised in Miami, Linda received her Master’s degree in social work from Barry University in Miami. During her academic career she also worked for a Christian Ministry in South Florida which provides residential treatment for teenagers with behavioral problems as well as special support services for single parents.

Additionally, Linda has extensive experience working with special needs students and emotionally handicapped children: Her experience includes working in various school systems, including an inner-city school, a psychiatric center, and teaching Special Education as a Job Placement Transition Specialist at a the high school level. Currently she is employed as a School Social Worker as well as offering counseling services through her solo private practice: Therapeutic Counseling Services, LLC.

Linda loves what she does and states, “I honestly care about all of my clients, and I try with all of my heart to help each person to become the best they can be…” In counseling with Linda you can expect her to help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, be solution focused, and gentle in her approach as she encourages you to move forward from your struggles and learn better ways of dealing with things on an independent level.

In working with adults, she strives to make each person feel safe and comfortable and secure. The office environment has dim lit lights, soothing music, a comfortable sofa to sit on and bottled water to drink all to help provide a place where you can share your deep inner thoughts.

In working with children, Linda recognizes that children often release their thoughts and feelings differently than adults and one of the ways they do this is through play. Since safety and comfort are as important to children as adults,she also provides toys, games, a sand tray and craft materials to assist them to either talk about their feelings or work through them in play. Respecting each child’s right to talk about things when they are ready is paramount to Linda’s approach with children.

In coordination with her education, life experiences and relationship with God, one of Linda’s strengths is to easily make personal connections with most of her clients. She would be especially honored to have the opportunity to assist you with whatever struggles or situation you may be experiencing.

Having a commitment and desire to make some changes in your life is instrumental to helping you accomplish your goals. If you are ready to start making those changes Linda says, “Sometimes just making the first appointment can be a challenge, but I believe in you and I know you can do it! May God bless you as you gain the courage to seek help!”

Therapeutic Counseling Services, LLC is located at …

Copperstone Building, 3632 Land O Lakes Blvd, Suite 106,Land O Lakes, Florida 34639

To make an appointment please call…

Telephone (813) 943-6335.

Counseling services are available…

Weekday during evening hours and during the day on Saturdays.

Rates are competitive rates and most insurance is accepted, including employee assistance programs.

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