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Lisa Jennings, BSW, MA
NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor
Littleton, Colorado
Email at lisajennings @

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Life can be difficult. People often hurt. I understand and care. More importantly God knows your hurt and He cares. God’s word can speak to your situation. Remember, there is HOPE in Christ.

Counseling from a christian perspective enables us to get to the real issues in your life. Our issues typically stem from our innermost needs not being met therefore creating a constant state of chaos in our inner self as we are not being true to who God created us to be.

It is my mission, as a Christian counselor, to serve hurting people through Christian counseling that graciously applies the liberating power of God’s truth to heal hearts and restore relationships.

Together we will listen to and work with our Maker, who knows us better than we know ourselves. I will take time to listen and understand your views and values without judgment or condemnation as I have also encountered struggles of my own. Together we will find perspective, identify alternatives, learn new skills.

I will expect commitment and observe results. However, responsibility for making changes is left in your hands as well as the credit for change! Your competence and control will not be underminded but enhanced!

Growth is sometimes painful. Truth is hard to face. The old ways are hard to give up. Counseling is an experience in elemental honesty, openness and courage. Are you ready to grow?

Lisa Jennings graduated from Abilene Christian University with a BS in Social Work. She has a MA in Christian Counseling from Colorado Theological Seminary and is a National Christian Counselor Association (NCCA)Licensed Christian Clinical Counselor. She is also a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Lisa has a private practice in Littleton,CO.You may contact her by email at lisajennings @

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