Marriage & Family Therapist Intern San Luis Obispo

Debbra Bronstad, MFT Intern
San Luis Obispo, CA
(805) 242-3569
Stages of Grief Recovery

Two offices in San Luis Obispo County:
Atascadero First Assembly
5545 Ardilla Rd.

First Presbyterian Church of Grover Beach
1830 Farroll Rd.

  • Marriage and Family Intern CADo you want to receive God’s comfort in the midst of the trials of life?
  • Have you lost a loved one and wonder if the pain of grief will ever go away?
  • Do worry or panic symptoms strangle your joy?
  • Have you been through a divorce or relationship break-up and need help to recover?
  • Do you wish painful memories could be transformed to calm and peace?
    Are you held back by guilt or regrets about past decisions?

Debbra helps men, women, children and couples find the peace, hope and joy that is their inheritance in Christ. Debbra’s clients often report a renewed sense of connection to the Lord, in addition to finding calm and peace for the root causes of their pain.

Services include:
Grief Recovery (Individual or Groups)
Anxiety Therapy
Depression Therapy
Marriage Counseling
Abuse Recovery (Emotional,Physical,Sexual abuse)
Overcoming Guilt/Regrets
Dealing with Life Transitions and Life Disappointments
Life Coaching

Twelve years prior experience as lay counselor, teacher & leader
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
Christ-Centered Internal Family Systems Therapy
Inner healing prayer to resolve trauma
Member of California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists

2 thoughts on “Marriage & Family Therapist Intern San Luis Obispo

  1. Cathy

    I have never tired an on line session, i have been to therapy once but felt we didn’t connect and when i left i felt empty like no one will ever understand me. i have so much in my life that i am blessed with and i know that but 22 years ago i lost sight of those true blessing and have been trying to find love for myself since. i was 21 years of age when i experienced my first and last pregnancy it devasted me when i lost the only child i have ever conceived. since then i have struggled to love myself to see my own self worth. i have been struggling now for half my life and i just want to feel normal and happy again, yes i have had support of loved ones and i know they are sympathic to my pain, but i just never feel they can be empatihic for they know not the void of not having your own child and can never understand that type of loneliness, for which i do thank God they will not have too. right now in my life there is so much i am struggling with and it seems like its in every aspect of my life, work, family, a recent break up. i came upon this website and thought why not:) so, i will ask do you have experience with women and infertility? i know that we both have to be comfortable with eachother and i called many counseling places and have been told they don’t do infertility. thank you, for your time i hope by finding this website i will start a path to healing.

    1. Jean L Post author

      Hi Cathy,
      Please contact the counselor of your choice directly using the contact information on their individual page.

      Also, to find more resources that might be helpful, you can use the search function on this sight. There are many helpful resources on “depression” and other topics.

      Thank you for visiting and God bless you.


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