Communication Skill Builders For Improving Your Relationships

CommunicationCommunication skill builders are necessary for addressing the number one problem that plagues relationships…communication problems. Whether it’s communication in your marriage or family, or communication problems in the workplace; Christian Counseling Online has some great resources to build up your communication skills…

Because we were created with a deep desire to be understood, communication is the number one issue human beings have to contend with. Our ability to communicate effects the quality of all our relationships. Whether you’re communicating

  • Your needs in your marriage
  • Your ideas in your workplace
  • Your sexual desires in the bedroom

communication skill builders can help you in all these areas.

In fact communication is crucial…

Which brings me to our first communication skill builders…Crucial Conversations, Tools for Talking When Stakes are High.

This skill builder is great for those who want to improve communication in any area of their life…but it will be especially effective for helping you improve workplace communication. If your in a supervisory or management position it’s a must read!

Crucial Conversations sets the stage by identifying real life critical errors made in the workplace…errors like a surgeon removing the wrong limb of his patient! (how do you think he explained that one?)

The authors navigate the reader (or listener if you decide to get the CD’s or tapes) through the sequence of events, breaking communication problems down into it’s critical steps like…

  • Removing barriers to effective communication
  • Managing anger and conflict
  • Making communication safe
  • Expressing genuine interest in others
  • Taking action to accomplish your goals

I’m sure you can already see how this workplace communication skill builder would be effective in any communication setting.

For communication skill builders for improving your marriage communication look no further than Norm Wright’s book Communication: Key to Your Marriage .” In his book, Wright provides practical tips on communicating. He covers…

  • Communication styles
  • Sexual differences
  • Resolving conflict
  • The gift of listening
  • Decision making
  • Anger management

Most importantly Wright explains why good communication is key to a happy and fulfilling marriage. He even includes a satisfaction rating scale to help you monitor your communication progress with your spouse.

If you need communication skill builders that go beyond the basics…if you need communication skills that go to the heart of your communication struggles…

Then Paul D. Tripps book, War of Words is the book for you. Tripp goes beyond the basics to help you understand the power of your words. He defines communication from God’s perspective…

Words, the Bible teaches, have the power of life and the power of death… they can wound or they can heal. Through this book you will learn to be a good steward of the gift of communication that God has given you.

Now listen up! Here’s some …if you are willing to learn and practice a few skills, then you can improve your ability to understand and be understood. If you practice your communication skill building, then you will reduce frustration in your marriage and other relationships and you will experience more relational satisfaction then ever before.

Remember, a primary, but little understood goal of communication is to create an experience for your partner of being understood and accepted. One of the most powerful and effective ways to do this is by…

Mirroring, validating and empathizing…All the communication experts teach this basic formula for effective communication. For a printable article on a communication skills activity effective communication.

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