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Professional Counseling Forms
(17 different forms in two different formats) with

Updated 2013 CPT codes and Updated DSM Criteria for 2015

You know as a counselor, that counseling forms are one of the tools of our trade. Having the right forms available can help you do your job better. Are you tired of struggling with the right forms and perhaps spending hours and hours trying to revise those forms?

For conventional counseling forms click here
(These forms are for you if you work in a secular setting)

Well there’s good news for you! The forms available to you here have been revised and refined over the last several years. They have been honed into tools that will enhance your ability to help your clients.

This comprehensive set of professional counseling forms was designed by someone like yourself. Someone who knows what counselors need in a counseling form.

Because the work has been done for you, you save time and money. No more designing and redesigning forms. And if you find, after reviewing your Professional Counseling Forms Tool Kit, that it is not what you need, I offer a 100%, 30 day, money back guarantee.

These Tools Will Save You Money and Time

How? Most people now communicate through Email and have the resources at home to print out these forms.

Prior to your client’s initial appointment, send the intake forms to them as an Email attachment. That way they can complete at their leisure, in the privacy and comfort of their own home. This saves you time, money and paper shuffling and is much more convenient for clients whose time is valuable too.

All the tools in the Professional Counseling Forms Tool Kit are created in Microsoft Word 2003 and are Windows and Macintosh compatible. And, you can easily personalize them. Simply add your own name, address and contact information in the header and voila you have a complete set of professional counseling forms for your office.

NOT TECHNICAL – no worries – all the forms are also included in PDF format as well. That means all you need to do is print and use. If you want to add your credentials in the header just use your professional stamp.

These forms will help you to collect the information you need (without redundancy) to begin the helping process right away. The Professional Counseling Forms Tool Kit is available to you for $69.97 and includes the following 17 comprehensive forms:

  • 1.) Phone Intake – this is where it starts.
  • 2. & 3.) 2 different Personal Information and Insurance form . Form I assigns insurance benefits to you. Form II assigns insurance benefits to your clients (I collect fees up front and have insurance reimbursements sent to clients so I use form II.)
  • 4.) Information and Consent Form – this form is designed specifically for Biblical counselors.
  • 5.) Biopsychosocial Form – this is a comprehensive form which helps clients to begin formulating their goals for therapy before they even have their first appointment with you.
  • 6.) Intake Assessment – this counseling intake form nicely dovetails with the biopsychosocial helping you to easily summarize your client’s problem areas and complete your clinical assessment.
  • 7.) Progress Note my favorite form. Having struggled for years in writing good progress notes, I have designed this form to be a helpful tool for tracking client’s progress and effectively processing each session.
  • 8.) SOAP Note – Do you prefer to use the SOAP format for your progress notes? We have you covered.
  • 9.) Progress Note Client Version – I have designed a progress note for my clients to use. This helps them to get the most out of each counseling session and track their own progress.
  • 10.) Release of Information – The all important release of information is simple and easy to use.
  • 11.) Treatment Plan Form – Develop long and short term goals to enhance treatment.
  • 12.) Treatment Plan Review – This form can be used for both treatment plan reviews and as a discharge summary.
  • 13.) Financial Evaluation Form and sliding scale chart — if you offer a sliding scale this is a must.
  • 14.) Discharge and Evaluation form — This is two documents in one. A simple discharge letter along with an evaluation form for your client to give you valuable feed back about the services you provided them.
  • 15.) Client Services Log — for keeping track of appointment and payments.
  • 16.) Statement of services — A detailed billing Statement you can use to bill your client or non-insurance third party payors. Can be made into a carbonless 3 copies form at your office supply store.
  • 17.) Invoice – A basic billing statement
  • For examples of some of the forms in the tool kit please click the associated links above.

As soon as you place your order, you can immediately download your new forms and begin using them…

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5 Bonus Tools for Christian Counselors

For the one low price of $69.97, with the 30 day money back, no questions ask guarantee, you will receive in your package 5 bonus tools…

How often do you find clients struggling with knowing what God’s will is for them? Clients frequently need help Discerning God’s Will. This extra bonus form will take your clients through the same faith building steps that George Mueller used to determine when he was Hearing from God.

More Bonus Tools!!!

You know that communication skills effect just about every therapeutic issue. Because communication issues are critical to your client’s success you will also receive my Effective Communication Skills Summary. This is a great tool to use with clients to teach them the step by step process of effective communication.

Even More Bonus Tools!!

As a third Free Bonus Tool, I will also include a Step by Step Spiritual Nourishment process. If communication skills are important to therapeutic success, you know that a client’s ability to grasp God’s word and apply it in practical ways is even more critical. This tool shows clients exactly how to do that.

It is based on Deuteronomy 8:3 that tells us we can’t rely on food alone to satisfy us. We need the very word of God to nourish our souls.

In the Tool Kit you will receive a 4th and 5th BONUS – a Progress Note form designed specifically for use in Biblical counseling settings.  This form is designed to be used online or as a PDF document to just print and use.

Professional Counseling Forms Tool Kit + Bonus Tools

The 5 bonus tools (+ the 17 Professional Counseling Forms = 39 FORMS IN ALL) I am offering as part of your $69.97, 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee, are worth the $69.97 alone. These are tools that will help you help your clients.

If at any time in the next 30 days after purchase you feel that this package of counseling forms is not worth the $69.97 you paid, contact me for a full, no questions asked, refund.

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