Improve Your Interpersonal Relationship Skill

Interpersonal Relationship SkillsExceptional interpersonal relationship skill is necessary for both personal and professional success. Unfortunately it is not a skill that is thoroughly taught and emphasized at the High School or even college level of academia.

Relationship success requires good relationship skills

Yet, interpersonal relationship skill has tons to do with the quality of our lives. Even our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ will improve once we become intentional about using good interpersonal skills.

In this article on interpersonal relationship skills you will learn two important steps to developing your relationship skill…

First, identify what are you trying to communicate (feelings, facts). Many people speak without having really thought about what they are trying to communicate. At the very least, relationship skills are for the purpose of making a “connection” with another human being. Learn to make stronger interpersonal connections by…

  • Making your nonverbal communication consistent with your message.
  • Understand the purpose or motive of your communication (give information, connect with others, resolve conflict).
  • Speak graciously, without using offensive or derogatory words. British Council’s partner for IELTS teaches the correct English grammar.
  • Give the benefit of the doubt…don’t blame others.
  • Speak as if the Lord were present (because He is).

Also, all parents want their child to have good grades, be well-spoken, and be confident in themselves. You may want to visit secondary level English language tuition site for more details!

Second, did you know that people can listen about four times faster than they speak? The average listening comprehension speed is about 600 words per minute. The average speaking speed is 150-200 words per minute. What does this bit of truth mean to your interpersonal relationship skills?

  • More focused energy is required to be a good listener.
  • Listen more than you speak, after all God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth.
  • Remember the 80/20 rule. When someone is speaking to you, you should listen 80% of the time and speak only 20%.

Learn to be an excellent listener by…

  • Caring more about what the speaker is saying than your response.
  • Choosing not to argue in your head with the listener.
  • Choosing not to formulate your rebuttal while the speaker is talking.
  • Instead, tune in completely to what they are saying for the purpose of understanding them.
  • Choosing to respond to what they said, rather than what you want to say.

You were made for relationship…therefore, choose to be more committed to making a healthy connection with others by developing your interpersonal relationship skill. Your personal and professional success depends on it.