Licensed Professional Counselor Bentonville

William Oldham LPC
Bentonville, Arkansas

I am William Oldham, LPC but you can call me Bill. I have a private practice, Northwest Counseling, Inc. (NCI) in Bentonville, Arkansas. Please check our website NCICARES for our specific location.

I have a Master of Divinity and all of our staff have counseling degrees from Christian Colleges or Universities. We all support and use faith principles as a major part of helping people.

A little background about me. I grew up in rural Missouri, was active in my church, school and community. I have been a journeyman missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ and served as Associate Pastor of a small church in Southeast Pennsylvania. I have been a professional counselor for 20 years and work with individual adults and couples. I am pro-marriage and have helped many couples work through issues from mild to severe.

Other issues include depression, bipolar disorder, grief, recovery from pornography addictions, addiction recovery (after rehab if substances), career, spiritual mentoring and more.

I am a charter member of the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors) and have a Certificate of Biblical Counseling from Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation which is associated with Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. I am also a member of the American Counseling Association and Arkansas Mental Health Counselors Association.

NCI was established in August 2001 and offers help to adults and children of all ages. Again refer to our website for more information about our counselors and specialties.

Thank you for considering NCI as your counseling choice. You can reach us at 479-855-5704 for how we might care for your needs.

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