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Gregory M. Crow, Ph.D.
Scottsdale, AZ
Office: 623-572-4128
Direct office number is: 480-947-1989
Scottsdale Counseling

Licensed Psychologist ScottsdaleWhile it is great when people come to counseling for a “tune up”, it is more typical that they are coming in because they have been experiencing significant pain for some time.

I commonly work with clients suffering from depression and anxiety and do a lot of couples’ counseling. In addition, I specialize in intensive 1:1 and group counseling for couples who are coping with fidelity challenges, including sexual addiction. I am the co-author of the book Lonely All The Time: Recognizing, Understanding and Overcoming Sex Addiction for Addicts and Codependents.

I also specialize in Fast Track Intensives for individuals and couples who are looking to address their issues more quickly and deeply. This is valuable when other options have not done the trick and or when pain is severe, needing immediate intensive intervention. Some business people like the more intensive model simply for expediency.

I am the founder of the Arizona Brainspotting Center. One of the tools I use in treatment is Brainspotting. See my website (listed below) for more information. Brainspotting is, in my opinion, a breakthrough in treatment as it relates to stimulating and releasing emotional distress. Clients are no longer victims of their feelings but can, through this training, change how they feel and re-sculpt their thinking and responses. This is a very exciting new therapeutic tool.

I work with Adults and Adolescents primarily. I am available M-F 8am to 5pm (with some flexibility on an as-needed basis).

I am a member of Scottsdale Bible Church, where I also supervise professional counselors. My wife and I have been married 38 years and are both very active in the Worship Ministry(Orchestra).

For more information please check my website: Scottsdale Counseling.

You might also want to call my admin, Sandy, at 623-572-4128. My direct office number is: 480-947-1989

2 thoughts on “Licensed Psychologist Scottsdale

  1. Shelly

    I’m constantly on and off suicidal dark moods. I cut myself out of self hatred and depression. No one can seem to help or want to help. I’ve no insurance and not much money so getting help is very difficult. I feel alone and oppressed and dwell on ways to die quickly. I pray and read the Bible daily, as well as do lessons on my phone app called You Version. But nothing stops these desperate feelings. I’ve been severely depressed for about 6 or 7 yrs. Don’t think I can hold on much longer. Is there anyone that can help me?

    1. Jean L Post author


      Counselors will not see the comments left on their pages. You must contact them directly using the contact information on their page.
      Please follow up with a counselor in your local area.
      If you need immediate help call 911.
      If talking to someone right now would be helpful and you live in the United States phone 1-800-suicide (1-800-784-2433).
      God bless you and provide the help you need!
      We are praying for you.


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