Five Common Marriage Problems and The Solutions

Marriage ProblemsMarriage problems tend to run the gamut, but there are some pretty common problems that tend to be issues for the majority of couples. Let me introduce you to the solutions to five common marriage problems…

The first one, you guessed it, is communication problems. Ask yourself the question, “Do you feel that your spouse understands and knows you?” Many couples endure a profound sense of being misunderstood, not being liked or not being accepted by their spouse. Often times this problem is largely due to poor communication. Does that ring true for you?

To have a healthy marriage you need to be a good communicator.

Second, along those same lines is intimacy problems. Ask yourself whether you feel really close, safe and unified with your spouse? What about different areas of intimacy such as emotional, spiritual and physical? Rate those on a scale of 0-10. Zero being I have no sense of closeness or intimacy. Ten being I couldn’t feel closer, safer or more unified with my spouse.

To overcome marriage problems you need to have intimacy.

Third, one of the purposes of marriage is to meet the emotional needs of the members of the marriage covenant. Speaking of needs, do you know what your top 3 emotional needs are? What about your spouse’s top 3 emotional needs?

Knowing and intentionally meeting the needs of your spouse is critical to maintaining a healthy, satisfying marriage. It is also critical to affair proofing your marriage.

To have a great marriage you need to meet your spouse’s emotional needs.

Fourth, ask yourself, “Do you feel loved by your spouse? Does your spouse feel loved by you?” By the way, did you notice I didn’t say, do you know whether your spouse loves you…

That’s because whether you know it or not, it’s important to EXPERIENCE love from your spouse! Not feeling love in a marriage is one of the most dangerous marriage problems out there. To have a great marriage you need to speak your spouse’s love language…in other words you need to communicate your love the way your spouse best experiences it.

To have a great marriage you need speak your spouse’s love language.

Fifth, did you know that 40%-70% of marriages decline in overall marital satisfaction after the children arrive. Wow! But if you have children, you may have already suspected that.

That leads us to our next issue which is parenting. Do you feel like you and your spouse are on the same team when it comes to parenting? Differences in parenting styles, blended family issues, and simply the added stress of children can complicate your marriage.

Overcome your marriage problems by becoming parenting partners!

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