Paracletos Counseling Specialist Fayetteville, Georgia

Dr. Lehome’ Bliss
Fayetteville, GA
Paracletos Institute

Renewing minds, transforming lives, impacting the world!

Renewing minds, transforming lives,
impacting the world!

Founder, Paracletos Counseling Institute, Dr. Lehome’ Bliss is a pioneer in Christian Counseling. She specializes in Paracletos counseling, a Biblical Specialty. Paracletos Counseling is based on the works of the Holy Spirit and combines Biblical Principles with Therapeutic interventions. “It’s not just management, its resolution.”

Call Dr. Bliss at 678-522-5361 for a unique counseling experience that uncovers hidden stressors and gets to the root of the problem. Her specialized counseling tools helps counselees overcome fear, anger, unforgiveness, shame and pride. Customized sessions by appointment only.

Also, register for an upcoming certification training to become a Paracletos Counseling Specialist and take advantage of the benefits of practicing a Biblical Specialty. Visit our website at

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