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Robert Betancourt
Atlanta, Georgia
Living Better Therapy

Christian Counselor AtlantaRobert Betancourt is a dedicated, licensed therapist, strategic intervention specialist and Christian counselor with over 25 years of experience helping individuals, couples and families during the most critical times of their lives. He has a Master’s degree in professional counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

He believes that Christian literature can be a therapeutic tool and is the author of Most Favored Nation, a Christian romantic thriller, that was once optioned as a possible project for Billy Graham’s World Wide Pictures.

Robert has also served as a motivational speaker in South American countries with El Mundo Necesita Cristo (The World Needs Christ). He has unique practical experience helping people because he is also a retired police sergeant with over 25 years of experience, certified by the State of Georgia in Crisis Team Intervention and the Department of Justice in Child Abduction Response. Robert is also certified by the State of Georgia Department of Health and Behavioral Disabilities in DUI/Substance Abuse Evaluations.

Robert believes that Christian counseling and therapy is more effective than secular counseling for individual healing and improving relationships because the greatest healer, God, is part of the therapeutic relationship. He believes that Christian counseling not only repairs relationships, it brings Christians into closer relationships with God.

He was formerly chief therapist for a six clinic secular practice in metro Atlanta. Languages spoken are English and Spanish. His Christian counseling services are now available via internet webcam and Skype at Living Better Therapy.

2 thoughts on “Christian Counselor Atlanta

  1. Lola Kempema

    As a mother of a 27 yr old son that I have watched struggle desperately with
    anxiety & at times sever disableing depression , I am losing hope & don’t want to keep seeing my only son hit bottom over, & over & over. Each time he hits the bottom, I feel he has loss something that he can not regain. He feels that
    God does not love him. And that he is worthless & wll never marry or have a child. He is very smart & usually scores high on test, yet anxiety exhaust him.
    I suffer from this as well & at one time believed that God did not love me & that I was being cursed. I believed if I could just endure & be good that God would remove the curse. And God did for me. I take medicine, but I also believe in God , & my Lord & Saviour Christ Jesus & I believe in the Holy Spirit.
    And I am much older & seek wise counseling from others that God has given that gift to. How can I help my son ? He said he would go to counseling with me & my husband his father would come to. I believe all 3 of us could learn …
    not for just the sake of our son , but to be better sons & daughter of God.
    I pray that God sends us to the right counselor . One who honors & loves God above all . With heartful prayer. Thank you, Lola

    1. Jean L Post author

      Lola, I pray that you would be lead to the right counselor. If you would like a reply from this counselor his contact information is above. God bless you and your family. Jean


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